2021 International Conference on Big Data and Intelligent Decision Making
Prof. Ying Tan

Prof. Ying Tan


Prof. Ying Tan

Peking University, China


Speech   title:Advance in Swarm Intelligence, Fireworks   Algorithm and Applications



Inspired from the collective behaviors of many swarm-based creatures in nature or social phenomena, swarm intelligence (SI) has been received attention and studied extensively, gradually becomes a class of efficiently intelligent optimization methods. Inspired by fireworks’ explosion in air, the so-called fireworks algorithm (FWA) was proposed in 2010. Since then, many improvements and beyond were proposed to increase the efficiency of FWA dramatically, furthermore, a variety of successful applications were reported to enrich the studies of FWA considerably. In this talk, the novel swarm intelligence algorithm, i.e., fireworks algorithm, is briefly introduced and reviewed, then several effective improved algorithms are highlighted, individually. In addition, the multi-objective fireworks algorithm and the graphic processing unit (GPU) based FWA are also briefly presented, particularly the GPU-based FWA is able to speed up the optimization process extremely. Extensive experiments on benchmark functions demonstrate that the improved algorithms significantly increase the accuracy of found solutions, yet decrease the running time sharply. Finally, several typical applications of FWA, in particular, for big-data application, are presented in detail.


Brief   biography:

Ying Tan is a full   professor of Peking University, director of Computational Intelligence   Laboratory at Peking University, and the inventor of Fireworks Algorithm (FWA).   He worked as a professor of Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, Japan, in   2018, at Columbia University as senior research fellow in 2017, and at Chinese   University of Hong Kong as research fellow, and at University of Science and   Technology of China in 2005-2006 as a professor under the 100-talent program   of CAS. He is the president of the IASEI, and also serves as the   Editor-in-Chief of IASEI Transactions on Swarm Intelligence, and   International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (IJCIPR),   the Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics (CYB), IEEE   Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning System (NNLS), Neural Networks, International   Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research (IJSIR), etc. He also served as an Editor   of Springer’s Lecture Notes on Computer Science (LNCS) for 40+ volumes, and Guest   Editors of several referred Journals, including IEEE/ACM Transactions on   Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Information Science,   Neurocomputing, Natural Computing, Swarm and Evolutionary Optimization, etc. He   is the founder general chair of the ICSI International Conference series since 2010 and the DMBD conference series   since 2016. He won the 2nd-Class Natural Science Award of China in   2009 and 2nd-Class Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education   of China in 2019 and many best paper awards. His research interests include   computational intelligence, swarm intelligence, deep neural networks, machine   learning, data mining, intelligent information processing for information   security and financial prediction, etc. He has published 350+ papers in   refereed journals and conferences in these areas, and authored/co-authored 12   books, including “Fireworks Algorithm” by Springer in 2015, and “GPU-based   Parallel Implementation of Swarm Intelligence Algorithms” by Morgan Kaufmann (Elsevier) in 2016,   and received 5 invention patents.